Company specialized in obtaining, managing, and developing clinical research projects, focusing on maximizing returns in accordance with international quality standards and best practices.

Created in 2007 by researchers who were responsible for conducting clinical trials, HRPC consists of professionals who aim in coordinate clinical trials in partnership with health centers.

Consisting of Principal Investigators (PI), Sub-investigators (SI), Clinical Research Coordinators (CRC) and Research Assistants (RA), our team has the technical capacity to coordinate clinical studies in various medical specialties.

This experience allows us to conduct multicenter clinical studies national and international in various specialties under Resolution No. 466 and Good Clinical Practice – GCP / ICH.



The values define our culture and who we are, how our employees perform their work and behave internally and externally, uniting people from different areas, regions and contexts. They are the fundamental pillars of our Company. They guide our actions and behavior. They influence the way we work – how we serve our clients and engage with our communities. This allows us to treat each other with mutual respect and help us work together in harmony in HRPC.


Building a relationship of trust with business partners, health professionals, regulatory authorities and the scientific community, for the development of clinical research through rigorous adoption of international quality practices.


To be an international reference for quality in clinical research and development of new technologies.


In addition to ethics, quality and agility, respect the inalienable right to security and well-being of citizens in all actions.